2. One Rule Aerial Skiers Cannot Break

January 23, 2014

Aerial skiers aim for height rather than length. Their aerial flight times are much smaller than ski jumpers so air resistance has minimal impact.

In fact, there is one law the aerial skiers cannot break. It is the law of gravity.

Here is an equation for  projectile motion from Wired magazine.

Screen grab from Wired Magazine

Screen grab from Wired Magazine

Here is the x-y graph for different launch angles.

trajectory wired magazine

trajectory wired magazine

You can go to this page for complete calculations. Aerial skiers twist and turn but their CENTRE OF GRAVITY must follow this graph. MOre on centre of Gravity at The Great Back Pack Attack ie.

The centre of gravity of Aerial Skiers must follow a

parabolic curve.

Aerial Parabola final 1


Aerial Parabola final 2


Rocky Maloney Winter X Games Aspen

Rocky Maloney Winter X Games Aspen


  1. December 9, 2015

    Good morning,

    I am publishing a book on quadratic equation. I would like to use one of your pictures – the first picture with aerial skier – in my book to motivate students’ learning.

    Please let me know if you are agreeable to this. I can be contacted at my.quadratic@gmail.com

    Best regards,

    Thinh Le, Ph.D.

    • Hello Thinh Le, I would be delighted if you used one of my diagrams. The source of that picture, however, is not clear. I found it on a blog. So that’s a yes/no answer I’m afraid. Cheers Mathspig

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