8. You’re never more than 6ft away from a rat

July 9, 2013

This is obviously ridiculous from your own experience. If you stand in the middle of a road or in the middle of a basketball or tennis court or football field and you don’t see a rat as in a rodent then you disprove the myth.

According to Animal Planet:

pic 14 ratCool rat, man!

Many rodent-related myths focus on how many rats exist per capita in any given metropolis — often on par with the human population — but that’s pure farce.

It stems in large part from a coincidental study conducted in the early 1900s, which vaguely pegged England’s rat population at about 40 million — or 1 acre of cultivated land per rat. Since at the time approximately 40 million people lived in England, people have long equated these two unrelated statistics to infer that modern cities contain equal numbers of rats and people.

In other words, this myth has hung around for over 100 years!

pic 15 rat

Rat Myth Busted

Could this be 6 fleas of separation?

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