2. MoMaths: Manhattan’s Museum of Mathematics

January 15, 2013

Mathspig is excited. O wonder. O rapture. O Mathematical magic.

A museum of mathematics has just opened in New York, on Manhattan no less.

George Hart with his math art and students at MOMATH

George Hart with his math art and students at MOMATH

Here is a quote from New Scientist:  New Scientist 10 Dec 2012

The founders of the Museum of Mathematics (MoMath) know they have a fight on their hands, given the pervasive idea that the subject is boring, hard and scary. But they are determined to give mathematics a makeover, with exhibits that express an unselfconscious, giddy joy in exploring the world of numbers and forms.

“We want to show a different side of mathematics,” says museum co-founder Cindy Lawrence. “Our goal is to get kids excited, and show them the math they’re doing in school is just one tree in a whole huge forest.”

It looks like fun, fun, fun.

Mathspig will go all the way from Australia later in the year just to wallow mathspiggy-style in all this fun maths.

2 menger sponge momaths

Menger Sponge Cycle

3 MoMath-rendering-upper-level

View Inside MOMATH math museum NY

4 momaths 2

Having fun at MOMATH


Here is a link to a PDF file of some fantastic shapes that fold two ways like TRANSFORMERS.

You can make these fantastic shapes by Joseph O’Rouke, Olin Professor of Computer Science @ Smith College MA if you go here.

7 Jospeph O'Rourke book


8 JOseph O'Rourke

If you really are curious as to what research mathematicans do, go here. It’s really interesting stuff.


While you are in the cafe you better do something mathsy. Here is the way to cut a bagel for the maximum spread of cream cheese.

 9 math bagel

How to maximise cream cheese spread.

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