Trick 4: Madame Mathematique Clairvoyant

November 30, 2012






Madame Mathematique Clairvoyant

Requirements: Spooky music and spooky look.

You will find some spooky music here.

Ask a student to write down two 5-digit numbers. You rapidly write a 5-digit number underneath.

Ask another student to write another 5-digit number. You write another 5-digit number quickly.

Stand back.

And instantly write the answer.


N1 = 97413

N2 = 28619

N3 = 71380  (Each digit in N3 must add up to 9 with digits above)

N4 = 64231

N5 = 35768  (Each digit in N5 must add up to 9 with digits above)

Now you will instantly write down the sum of these five numbers as


Da! DA!

The trick is to subtract 2 from N1 and put it in front:

N1 = 97413

N1 -2 = 97411

Sum of 5 numbers = 297411

Hint: Get as many students to add up the five 5-digit numbers on a calculator. You will beat them, but you will also need many answers as a number of students will key incorrect numbers.

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