Easter Egg Maths for Chocoholics!

March 16, 2012

Mathspig is, interested in the yummy-yummy weight of chocolate Easter Eggs and Rabbits. We even have Easter Bilbies in Australia.

 They’re so cute.

Once when Mathpigs little mathspiggies were in kinder we raffled a 5 kg Chocolate Rabbit called Rolf. People bought tickets but nobody actually wanted to win a 5 kg  ( 11 lb) chocolate killer rabbit called Rolf. Twice the winners donated Rolf back to good causes.  OMG, Rolf might still be doing the fund raising rounds terrifying little kids.

Is this Rolf?


So how heavy is a giant Easter Egg?

We can work it out mathspigs.

We can use the  formula for the volume of an ellipsoid to calculate the weight of a chocolate egg. It is an approximation.

The Density of Chocolate comes from the Mary Williams-Norton Lab Report.



Bigger than this one!


How Eating Chocolate Helps You Do Algebra:

Does the equation work? We’ll find out mathspigs.

Here is the best part:

Buy a Chocolate Easter Egg:

Measure:  b=  Height/2   cm*

                    a = Diameter /2   cm*

*( Measure Height and Diameter by holding the egg between 2 books)

   Thickness egg wall t =    ….. cm  

Density of Chocolate = 1.325 g/cm  




***************************Now I will weigh my egg pieces. I had to break it to check the egg wall width I did. Really. **************************


According to the Guinness Book of Records The largest chocolate rabbit in the world in fact.  Yes, this fella weighs 2,800 kg (6172 lb 15 oz) and is 3.4 m (11 ft) high and 2.2 m (7 ft) in diameter and was made in Brazil in 2009.  How many years would it take to eat that whopper bunny?

It is heavier than a Ford E-350 Extended Van with 6.8 litre V10 which weighs in @ 2,598.5 kg (5,729 lb)

Ahhhhh!!!!! The killer rabbit is comin’ back to get me. Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  1. Can we do a calculus based version using limits?

    • Hey Jason, They write books on the calculus calculations for the ellipse. If you have one lying around send it in. Personally, when it comes to Easter Eggs I cannot deal with limits. Cheers Mathspig

      • Haha. I will look, but no doubt you are right that dealing with limits in regard to volumes of ellipses is more tedious than it is worth. I guess I am just still knee deep in calculus and continue to try to look for applications of it everywhere I can!

  2. Another awesome post, by the way

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