12. Pig Olympics

August 3, 2011








Some people have one of those WEIRD talents that they only get to use in stupid videos or at parties.


This is Mental Maths with a difference. Each kid has an animal noise. You read out a question and the kids make their animal noise. The kid who makes their animal sound first gets to answer the question. Some kids will pick elaborate noises like a camel or a gorilla. They will find this difficult to get out fast.

To make sure all kids have a chance put in some alternate answer questions. And some really hard questions to trip up the smarties who will jump in too quickly. It’s all about psychology.

Use a team score or small prizes for the winner.

This is a good way of testing heaps of stuff or just having fun.

An alternative approach is that everyone has to speak animal all class. It is sort of weird. But can be an improvement for some classes. Others you can’t tell the difference really.



  1. i guess everybody who comes across this video would not help mimicking some of them~~~

    • Great to get your thoughts, Summer. cheers MathspiG

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