Easter Egg Maths

April 20, 2011

Mathspig can’t stop thinking about EASTER EGGS.


How do you do you  graph  an Easter Egg?


Fortunately, Jurgen Koller @ the fab mathematische-basteleien website has already solved the problem.


Start with an Oval.


To change it to an egg shape multiply  y or y² by  t(x), so that y becomes larger on the right side of the y-axis and smaller on the left side.

y(x=0) must not be changed. 


The equation of the ellipse:


e.g. x²/9+y²/4=1






Three examples:


Now plot in chocolate paint and eat graph. Yum!!!

According to Jurgen Koller, Don M. Jacobs, M.D, Daly City, USA developed a nice egg shape by changing the circle equation x²+y²=1 a little: x² + [1.4^x*1.6y]² = 1.

The egg equation is an exponential equation of type t3 above. This shows this conversion:



Thanks, Jurgen. I wonder if he’s an Egghead!!!!!!

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