Twilight Maths II: Will Vampires rule the world?

January 29, 2010

In Stephanie Meyer’s the Twilight series there are good Vampires and Bad Vampires. Edward Cullen and the other Vampires in the Cullen Covern are ethical Vampires. (See earlier post: Fang it to me! : Twilight Maths) The only eat animal blood. Edward falls in love with Bella a human. The baddie Vampires are James, Laurent (pictured) and Victoria.

Twilight Vampires, as with all vampires, can turn a human into a vampire by biting them. IN the Twilight mythology a vampire injects a venom into their victim and, depending on how much venom is injected the victim will turn into vampire in 3 – 5 days.

Vampires who drink human blood have red eyes. So freshly made vampires have bright red eyes due to the human blood already in their veins. Vampires who drink animal blood have yellow eyes.

How long would it take one Vampire, say James, to turn the whole population of the earth into vampires? We can work it out, mathspigs.

On the first night James goes out and bites a human. Now there are two vampires. Each night the vampires go out their numbers double.


These calculations were updated for clarity on 21 OCT 2011 after I’d worked on my JUDE LAW CAN’T DO MATHS post. Now in the Twilight Series it takes 3 days for a  human to turn into a vampire. So we will assume that James and his rapidly growing covern go out every 3rd night to feast on human blood.

How many days will it take one bad Twilight vampire to take over the world (Population 6.8 Billion. See World Population Clock US Census Bureau ) ? You work it out. But here is a hint.

I suspect the Cullen Family are smart vampires because they only drink animal blood.
Unless, animals also turn into vampires and we are over run by vampire squirrels, vampire poodles, vampire canaries and more.


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  2. Hate to be pedantic but shouldn’t it be 2^(n-1) rather than 2^n

    • Hi Jacob,
      You are on the ball and maths should be accurate. That’s its strength. Mr Mathspig is also pedantic. He’s an engineer. There have been arguments in the household. Both of you argue for the 2^(n – 1) approach. But the answer is 32.65 by my formula so I round it off to 32 days for 1 vampire to takeover the world. Keeps everyone happy. Perhaps.
      Thanks for your thoughts.

      aka Kerry Cue

  3. Fun post! I am planning a post on the mathematics of different monsters would you mind if I referenced this?

    • Thanks Webster and feel free to use this Vampire Post. Cheers Mathspig

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  5. your math consider only one option, that is that every bitten human turns in a vampire.

    You just did no consider an other option: that vampires can kill their victims and never become vampires. And that vampires need to inject their venom and keep their victims alive, if they want their victims to become vampire. Considering only one option in science is not very… scientific

    • Indeed. But it is very difficult to be scientific about fiction. Mathspig

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