3. You can out run machine gun fire

November 16, 2009

Indiana jones 2Indiana Jones has probably out run more machine gun fire than any other hero. But can you run from one point ot another despite machine gun fire? Here goes. Indiana jones 3

     Machine Gun M60

machine gun 1 Correction

  machine gun 2 Correction

The  question that must be asked, mathspigs, is ‘Can the baddies actually miss?’

We’ll assume the baddies can sweep the machine gun fire along the path run by our hero at the same rate or faster than our hero’s running speed. To survive our hero must fit in the gap between each bullet as it passes over  his or her escape path. Here we go, mathspigs, ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak-ak:


  1. Yes I can!

    The bad guys aren’t sweeping the area equally, they are trying to point the gun at me. Given that errors in their aim (probably firing behind me) are likely to be systematic, if I keep moving I have a good chance of making it.

    Well, they’ve never hit me so far.

    • Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! But if they sweep your running line and the gap between each bullet is less than your body thickness (Target size), they getcha!!! No aiming required. Mathspig

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