Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Knot do the Maths, Babe!!!!!

July 26, 2009


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   A part of Mathspig’s mission is to show students how maths is used in the Real World, which means everywhere. 


  Gather round fashionistas, catwalk strutters, A-listers, party people and cool dudes…. the usual suspects. If you want work in the fashion industry you should be able to read the graph ( below). This was published in the business pages of The Age (27/7/09).


What does it mean???? 

  Have a look?? Can you guess?     

undiest  This graph represents the price of men’s undies vs women’s undies. This data is based on the Consumer Price Index.  Economists collect prices of , maybe, 200 undies, pjs and socks  across Australia and calculate the average price every three months.

 The price of men’s underwear, nightwear and socks fell 3.8% last 3 months to June 30. Whereas the price of women’s undies, nightwear and hosiery rose by 9.7%.  If you look at the graph you will see in March 1981 men and women were paying the same for undies. This is just the cost. Women probably spend more on undies because they buy more. Today woman are paying 0 .3 or 30% more for their undies, hosiery and pjs than men.

If you own a shop or fashion business you must know what’s going on. Stock up on women’s undies now!!!!! In a recession women tend to spend more on underwear than expensive dresses. Whereas men tend to keep their old undies going for a few more months…. years possibly!!!!!!  Men aren’t buying undies so the price drops. BOXERS. UNDERDAKS. SALE. SALE. SALE. Women are buying more undies so the price goes up. This is not guess work. You can see the trend in the graph.

undies graph CorrectionDon’t get your knickers in a knot… do the maths?


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