Sledging Ricky Can Be Tricky!!!!

July 10, 2009

Cricket fans around the world have enjoyed billionaire Richard Branson’s latest stunt.  On the 9th July 2009 according to a report on news.com.au , his face covered in the St George’s Cross  was projected onto the Sydney Harbour Bridge with the words “Good luck Ricky. You’ll need it. Dicky x”  . #mce_temp_url#

According to the picture from news.yahoo.com Richard’s grinning face filled one pier of the bridge. 


You can see that it can be tricky to sledge Ricky. Firstly, according to this AAP photo published on The Chronicle website #mce_temp_url#   you can see Richard Branson looks like he has escaped from a vampire movie. Maybe he is the grandad of Cullen in Twilight.


  Lets do the Vampire maths, mathspigs.

  Each pylon is 89 m high. 

           Now this calculation is all about ratio, Horatio!!!!! By measuring this photo mathspigs,  you can now work out:

          The width of the pylon.

          From the width of the pylon you can calculate the height of his head and the “length” of Gramp Vamp Branson’s teeth!!!!!!! 




Da Vinci

 If you look at this Leonardo Da Vinci drawing to the left you may actually see a Richard Branson likeness. But Richard Branson is alleged to be too young to have posed for this Da Vinci sketch. If, however, he was really a vampire … maybe. Andit would explain his interest in Virgins!!!

 Nevertheless, the issue we are intereseted in here, mathspigs, are the  proportions. And according to Wikipedia the average height of a person is 7 ( to 7.5) times their  head height. 

  Measure the height of Gramp Vamp Branson’s head and calculate his virtual height. This should put anyone off their cornflakes.


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