All I Wanna Do Is Sing about Co-ordinates to You!!!!!!

May 11, 2009

Here are two links about graphs suitable for Year 7 mathspigs.face graph

The first will link  you to the most dreadful song you are ever likely to hear about plotting co-ordinates on X and Y axes. The reason Mathspig is including this link is because it can be used by maths teachers as a threat.

If you do not work on your  maths problems involving co-ordinates I will sing this song. (Insert Maniacal Laugh Here)  Ha! Ha! 



The second link is to a ‘rooolly’ cool FREE online game about co-oridinates…. It’s a bit like Battleships but involves space ships.

spaceship 1

spaceship 2sapceship 3     Spaceships Online Game:


Clip art of graph by Naomi Wright #mce_temp_url#





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