It ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings …. Help!

May 8, 2009

Government departments love statistics. Here is a statistic recently touted regarding obese patients and ambulances. Mathspig believes obese folk  have enough problems without ambulance services refusing to carry them to hospital. More importantly, is this just fat-people prejudice or are the numbers right?ambulance


In 2008, according to this report from The Week (1/5/09) quoting The Sun-Herald,  576  obese patients were too big to carry in a 180 kilo-capacity ambulances? So their weight is the problem, is it?


What other creatures weigh in at about the 180 kilo mark? Have a guess mathspigs.

a tiger

a cow

a young gorillawalrus

a baby walrus



alarm-bells-22 Alarm Bells: Why can’t an ambulance carry a baby walrus?  Utes, trucks and vans are all designed to carry loads much heavier than a baby walrus.ford-ute-xr61

 A Ford Falcon ute XR6 1999 can carry a load, depending on the exact model, from between 820 kg – 1120 kg. ( Later model shown here.)  


Even using the lower limit you can see mathspigs we could fit 4 opera singers who weigh 180 kgcartoon-opera-singer2
 in the back of an average ute. It would be noisy. But possible.




  What the?????


  An ambulance should be able to carry someone who weighs 180kg. It could be that the  paramedics are not permitted to lift an extra -heavy patient into the ambulance. 

Or perhaps the wrong unit is being used. If a patient is too ‘big’ for the ambulance perhaps their  volume or width is too big for the ambulance. In which case paramedics need tape measures to see if patients can fit onto their stretchers and/or into their ambulances. If a patient does not fit into an ambulance what can they do???? Obese folk will have to find their own way to the hospital, I guess. 

Claiming obese folk are too heavy for ambulances is just more DUMB MATHS!!!!!!



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