Footy, footy, footy…. and more footy!!!

April 28, 2009

As you know mathspigs All football codes are awash with statistics. It seems that a football player cannot score, sneeze or stratch themselves without someone keeping the statistics.

Here’s the question. Do these statistics mean anything???? We’ll start with AFL football. cooney-adam007

Adam Cooney, Western Bulldogs won the AFL Brownlow Medal in 2008.  Mathew Richardson and Gary Ablett were joint runners up and Simon Black (Brisbane Lions) came 3rd.

You will find these results and more statistics on the AFL website: #mce_temp_url#

Here are some statitics for the 2008 season:


1st: Adam Cooney (Western Bulldogs)  Games: 25     kicks: 311   Disposals 637   Marks: 98    Goals: 23

Joint 2nd: Matthew Richardson (Richmond)  Games: 20     kicks: 202   Disposals 364   Marks: 222    Goals: 48

Joint 2nd: Gary Ablett (Geelong)  Games: 21     kicks: 288   Disposals: 606   Marks: 100    Goals: 26

3rd: Simon Black (Brisbane Lions)  Games: 21     kicks: 253   Disposals 539   Marks: 61    Goals: 10


Do these statistics give us useful information?

To answer this question mathspigs we need some graphs. Go to the AFL website and collect more stats on the first 10 players in the AFL 2008 Brownlow Medal tally.

Then draw 3 bar graphs one for kicks, one for disposals and one for marks. In each of these graphs the 1st bar is for the Brownlow top scorer, 2nd bar and the 3rd bar for the next two scorers, and so on. 

If the statistics have meaning then we should see a very clear trend in the graphs. Do the graphs, mathspigs and post your results in the comments.


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