Should Kids Wear Helmets to Play Golf?

April 22, 2009

Doctors at the Medical College Georgia studied head injuries in patients under 19 between 1996 and 2002.bike-helmet1

They found 64 of a total 2,546 had sports related injuries.

17 were cycling accidents where as 15 were golf related. Should kids be made to wear helmets playing golf asks

Medical News Today?


You can see the numbers mathspigs. Why don’t they feel right. The idea of kids playing golf in helmets seems crazy.

Firstly, kids already wear helmets riding bikes. 17 may be an improvement from pre:helmet days. But we do not

know from this data.

Now to golf. OK mathspig. Calculate how many injuries occurred other than golf and cycling. 

Where may these injuries have occurred? So list some places you think kids should wear helmets to

prevent such accidents in the future?



  1. Kerry where the students obtain the information on the speed of golf balls, the structural strength of helmets, how do we encourage them to wear them? For jnr maths classes. Do I need to add my address for a response?

    • The average speed of golf balls is in the previous blog entry. It is up to students to decide if a helmet would protect kids form golf balls. For instance, in which direction are golf balls likely to be flying through the air? mathspig

  2. Thanks for sharing informative post on Childrens Wear Helmets .

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