If you see Bill Murray playing golf, run for it!!!!!

April 22, 2009

Bill Murray, according to The Australian (20th April 2009), hit a woman on the headbill-murray with a golf ball when playing in recently in the TPC Tampa Bay Outback Pro Am. Murray hooked on the ninth and clocked the woman, Gayle DiMaggio,  on the head as she stood in her own backyard. (Note Mathspigs: Probablity of being hit on the head by a golf ball increased if you live next door to a golf course. ) Despite getting stitches in her head, the only compensations DiMaggio requestd was a signed copy of Caddyshack DVD? Is she mad? If she got him to sign the ball as well and put them on e-Bay…what price, eh?????


How dangerous is golf?

Unfortunately, golf does not seem to be good for the health of birds as this youtube shos.


Meanwhile, on the earlier this year Pro golfer, Trip Isenhour, killed a red-shouldered hawk that was annoying him while trying to film a golf training video. He took several shots to do it and was horrified. He said he was only trying to scare it away. He has now been charged with killing a migratory bird, an offence which carries a maximum 14 month jail sentence.  #mce_temp_url#

The birds have managed some revenge. http://www.golftoday.co.uk reports that a goose hit by a golf ball while it was standing near a water hazard on a golf course in Massachusetts was so annoyed it kicked the ball into the water.


Can you duck a golf ball?golfer

Here is the challenge Mathspigs.

Golf balls travel at about 130 – 170 kph (NSW Golf Association). The highest recorded speed of a golf ball was 328kph ( 203 miles per hour) by Jason Zuback.

The top speed for a Formula I racing car, by the way, is 360 kph (220 mph).  But due to spin and drag a golf ball looses around half it’s speed before it hits the ground. 

Can you duck a golf ball mathspigs?

First calculate the  speed of a golf ball when it hits the ground (or a head ) when driven by an average golfer or Jason Zubak?  If you were standing in your back yard and suddenly you saw a golf ball 10m away before it hit you, could you duck it?

Let’s work it out.

1. Find your reaction time. This will be in milliseconds but milliseconds count here. Go to : #mce_temp_url#

2. Calculate your ‘ducking’ tiime. You do this by ducking ( 30cm , at least) 10 or maybe 20 times whilegolf-ball a friend times you. Work out ducking time. 

3. Add 1 + 2.

4. Now calculate how long it takes a golf ball to travel 10m if hit by an average player or  Jason Zuback. Compare these times with you’re ducking time. Who won? You or the golf ball?


Meanwhile, even mini golf has it’s dangers:



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