I’m Boooored, Sir!!!!!

April 20, 2009

Monkeys get bored, school kids get bored and even those ‘movers and shakers’ of the business world get bored.monkey-counts-toes1

THE WEEK (10 April) published an article quoting research from audio visual company

Scene Changes showing that the average time it takes the audience at a business conference

to switch off is 11 minutes. Keep in mind that the audience at a business conference is, at least,

being paid to be bored witless.

But here is the question for mathspigs?

How do you measure  BOREDOM?  Come up with a school based scale mathspigs. This might be 0 – 10, perhaps.  Decide at what point boredom begins: 5, perhaps. Now that you are armed you might even do a survey.

eg. Mathspig Bored-Witless Scale for Seriously Bored Studentsbored-2

1. Look out window

2. Yawn

3. Smash face into table top

4. Drop into a coma

5. On life support


  1. Good post I ll be here more often looked to this blog

    • Thanks, mathspig.

  2. […] See Mathspig blog. How do you measure boredom. […]

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