Kofi the Rat

April 14, 2009

Kofi the rat has several claims to fame. ( THE WEEK 10th April 2009)rat-22

Firstly, he is educated in Britain.

Secondly, he is a sniffer rat. Weighing in at only 1.35 kg the advantage of the ‘Sniffer rat’ is

that it can detect explosives such as landmines by smell without setting them off. This seems to be

a lot cheaper and more pratical than the remote control

M60 Panther Tank used by American forces to clear landmines in Kosovo in 1997. (Below)






Meanwhile, the problem with using sniffer dogs to detect landmines is, obviously, their weight. Beagles, for instance, weigh around 14 Kg. So here is the question. Could authorities ever use a sniffer Chihuahua?????


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