How many bedrooms in Australia?????

March 30, 2009

According to this article in The Age (26th March, 2009) 37% of homes have 4 bedrooms or more.

In fact, this statistic is a little ambiguous. Did they mean 37% of new homes have 4 or more bedrooms??? Or all homes??

mathspig-2a1According to the Yearbook Australia 2008:

Dwellings with:

1 bedroom     4.0%

2 bedrooms   19.7%

3 bedrooms 47.8%

4 or more bedrooms  28.3%


As there are 7.9 million private dwellings in Australia today, we can work out the total number of bedrooms. Get going… Send MathsPig the answer.


1301.0 – Year Book Australia, 2008



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